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Ataraxy Square

This little granny square is designed with a small amount of texture and pretty designed corners. Although I initilially struggled with a name for this one, all thoughts and feelings towards the pattern were that of peace, calm, tranquility, with rippling water, forests and butterflies. After much thought, I went with Ataraxy.

This granny/afghan square is worked in rounds using a variety of stitches. suitable for all skill levels. The squares can be joined in a variety of methods to create a beautiful blanket or any other granny square project that comes to mind.

The pattern will produce a square approximately 14cm when made in dk yarn using a 4mm hook, and use approximately 30m of yarn per square.

Continue below to find the written pattern and photo guides. Or you can purchase the pattern here. Also available on Ravelry.


  • 4mm hook
  • DK yarn:
  • Cotton – 13g = 30m or Acrylic – 10g = 30m


This pattern is written using US terms

  • MR = Magic ring
  • Sc = Single crochet
  • Hdc = Half Double crochet
  • Dc = double crochet
  • Tc = Treble crochet
  • Bpdc = Back post double crochet
  • Ch = Chain
  • Chsp = Chain space
  • Slst = slip stitch
  • St = stitch
  • Dc2tog = Double crochet 2 together
  • Xdc = X dc’s in the next st
  • DcX = dc in next X stitches
  • skx = skip x stitches
  • R6 = Round6
  • ()x = repeat instruction in bracket
  • **x = repeat instruction in asterisk
  • {} stitches within worked in the same St, noted at beginning of instruction.
  • [] stitch count for the round

Chs at the start of each round count as a stitch eg rounds worked in sc the first ch1 is a sc, ch2 is a hdc, ch3 is a dc

In some of the rounds the final repeat overlaps with the beginning of the round, in this instance I have written skip final x sts of the last repeat(these are the stitches that were completed at the beginning)


  1. MR or ch4 slst to first ch to make a ring Ch3, dc7, slst to top ch3 [8DC]

2. Ch4, sc, (sc, ch3, sc)3, slst to 1st ch of ch4 [8 SC 4 CH3LOOPS]

3. Slst into ch3sp, {in ch3sp – ch4, (dc ch1)3, dc}, ({in ch3sp – *dc ch1*4, dc})3, slst to 3rd ch of ch4 [20 DC 12 CHS]

4. Ch3 (2dc in ch1sp, *bpdc ch1*2, bpdc, 2dc in ch1sp, dc2)4, skip final dc of the last repeat, slst to top ch3 [24 DC 12 BPDC 8 CHS]

5. Ch3, dc2, (Ch3 sk1, dc2tog across the ch1sps, ch3 sk1, dc6)4, skip final 3 dcs of the last repeat, slst to top ch3 [24 DC 8 CH3 4 DC2TOG]

6. Ch1, sc2, (Ch2 sk ch3, 5Dc in dc2tog St, ch2 sk ch3, sc6)4 skip final 3 scs of the last repeat, slst to ch1[24 SC 8 CH2 20DC]

7. Ch3, dc2, 3dc in ch2, dc2, (Ch3 sk1, dc2, 3dc in ch2, dc6, 3dc in ch2, dc2)4, skip final 8dcs of the last repeat, slst to top ch3 [64 DC 4 CH3]

8. Ch2, hdc6 (dc, {in ch3 – dc, tc in unworked st from R6, dc, ch2, dc, tc in unworked st from R6, dc}, dc, hdc14)4, skip final 7hdcs of the last repeat, slst to top ch2. Fasten off. [56 HDC 24 DC 8 TC 4 CH2] Detailed picture guide for R8 corners included below

Additional picture guides for the corners of R8

Now you have completed your first square, keep creating to combine for a bag, cardigan, cushion or blanket the possibilities are endless ?.

A huge thank you to all my testers for helping to get this pattern ready. They have all been credited to their photos above.

I hope you’re enjoying my crochet journey, if you’d like to help support me to continue providing content and new patterns which take much time, effort and love please support me by buying me a coffee. Your support means so much ?

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