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Soap Saver Sock 2

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Here my soap saver sock 2 pattern this is a nice simple make fantastic for your own soaps or perfect for part of a spa style gift set.


This pattern is written using US terms
Hdc = half double crochet
Dc = double crochet
Bpdc = back post double crochet
Slst = slip stitch
St = stitch
Xdc = X dc’s in the next st
DcX = dc in next X stitches
skx = skip x stitches
puff = yo, insert in next st, pull up a loop 3 times, yo, pull through all loops on hook, ch1
()x = repeat instruction x times
{} additional information

In all above instructions X counts as any number eg 2dc, dc10, sk5.


DK cotton yarn – I used Ricorumi by Rico Design

3.5mm hook


Basic Stitches

Back Post Stitches


  1. Ch15
  2. Dc in 4th ch from hook (Ch3 counts as first dc), dc10, 3dc in last ch, turn to work along underside of ch to create an oval, dc10, 3dc slst to top of last ch before 1st dc [28]
  3. Ch3, dc27, slst to top ch3 [28]
  4. Ch3, dc27, slst to top ch3 [28] {optional colour change here}
  5. Ch3, bpdc27, slst to top ch3 [28]
  6. Ch3, dc, puff, (dc3, puff)6, dc, slst to top ch3 [21dc 7puff]
  7. [For this round you will only work in the first part of the puff st all ch1s will be skipped}
    Ch3, dc27, slst to top ch3 [28] {optional colour change here}
  8. Ch3, bpdc27, slst to top ch3 [28]
  9. Ch3, dc27, slst to top ch3 [28]
  10. Ch3, dc27, slst to top ch3 [28]
  11. Ch2, hdc, ch1 sk1, (hdc2, ch1 sk1)8, hdc, ch2, slst to top ch3 fasten off.


Ch41, weave chs through ch1 and ch2 spaces created in the last round, slst to 1st chain, fasten off

I hope you enjoy this pattern and if you find any problems or have any questions let me know 😊

I hope you enjoy my crochet creations, tutorials and free patterns. These all take time and love to create, if you’d like to support me by donating a coffee I would be most grateful 💕

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