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Starting your project

Generally there are 2 ways to start off your crochet project, with a Ring or a Slip Knot and chain.

For anything worked in the round a ring is they way you’ll usually start, once you’ve created your ring you can work whatever stitches your beginning requires into the ring and pull the ring tight to create your starting circle. One common way to create a ring is to ch4 slst to the first ch and work into the middle of the ring created.

Then there are magic rings:

There are many different ways to do a magic ring, you can also do a double magic ring for a more secure start check out the videos below to see how I do mine 😊

To work in rows you’ll need to start with a slip knot and chain, there are 2 different types of chain you can begin with, the standard chain or a foundation stitch chain. Below you’ll find videos for how I do my slipknot and how to do a standard chain.

A foundation stitch chain is a chain created by whatever stitch you’ll be using for your rows so you could have foundation single crochet foundation half-double crochet or foundation double crochet. Find the QuickVids for these here.

Check out the basic stitches and additional stitches pages to learn where to go from here 🙂

I hope you’re enjoying my crochet journey, if you’d like to help support me to continue providing content and new patterns which take much time, effort and love please support me by buying me a coffee. Your support means so much 💕

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