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Monster Toy Basket

I have designed this monster themed basket as perfect for halloween sweets, or holding a few small toys, children can have fun playing with the monster eating their sweets and toys or even munching on their fingers.

Continue below to find the written pattern and photo guides, or you can purchase the pdf pattern here, also available on Ravelry or Etsy

The finished monster will measure approximately 10″ tall and 18″ circumference around the largest part, minus the arms.


This pattern is written using US terms
Gauge is unimportant however will affect the finished size
Ch = Chain
Mr = Magic ring
Sc = single crochet
Dc = double crochet
Tc = Triple crochet
Slst = slip stitch
BLO = Back loop only
Inc = 2 stich in same stitch
Sc2tog = single crochet 2 stitches together/decrease
ScX = sc in next X stitches
skx = skip x stitches
( )x = repeat instruction in brackets x times
[x] = total stitches
{} = Additional information

In all above instructions X counts as any number eg 2dc, dc10, sk5.


T-shirt Yarn approx. 190m/380g
8mm hook
DK yarn approx. 12.5m/4g
4mm hook
Felt and fabric glue for eye/spots.

LEGS – make 3 using t-shirt yarn and 8mm hook

  1. Sc6 in Mr [6]
  2. Inc x6 [12]
  3. Sc, inc x6 slst to 1st [18]
  4. {Work BLO for this round} In same st Sc, sc17, do not work slst from r3, slst to 1st [18]
  5. Sc18 [18]
  6. Sc18, slst to 1st Sc, fasten off. On 3rd leg do not fasten off, you will continue working from the 3rd leg.

JOINING THE LEGS- picture guides includedusing t-shirt yarn and 8mm hook

Position 2 legs together and sc through top of both legs for next 2 stitches, continue working around leg 2 for 14 sc {see Picture 1} position leg 3 work through leg 2 and 3 for 2 stitches, then work through legs 1 and 3 for 2 stitches{as shown by blue lines in picture 2}, continue working around leg 1 for 14 stitches, slst around the back post of second joining stitch {see picture 3} fasten off. Join yarn in leg 3 and work a sc in each of the 14 unworked stitches, you will continue working from here for the body, before you do make sure to secure your ends as this will be tricky to do later.

BODY continues on from joined legs – using t-shirt yarn and 8mm hook

  • 1). Sc into first non-joining st of leg 1, sc13, sc into first non-joining st of leg 2, sc13, sc into first non-joining st of leg 3, sc13. [42]
    You will now continue working in a spiral
  • 2 – 6). Sc 42 [5 rounds of 42]

HEAD – continues on from body – using t-shirt yarn and 8mm hook

  • 3).Dc8, ch26, sk26, dc8 slst to 1st [the slst equals out the height, for the next round you will work into the 2nd st and work in the slst to keep the correct count} {16dc 26ch]
  • 4). Sc7, sc in each ch[26]{work in both loops of the chain see picture 4 above}, sc9 [42]
  • 5 – 10). Sc42 {2 rounds of 42]
  • 11). (Sc5, sc2tog)6 [36]
  • 12 – 13). Sc36 [2 rounds of 36]
  • 14). (sc4, sc2tog)6 [30]
  • 15). Sc30 [30]
  • 16). (sc3 sc2tog)6 [24]
  • 17). (sc2, sc2tog)6 [18]
  • 18). (sc, sc2tog)6 [12]
  • 19). (sc2tog)6 [6] slst to 1st, fasten off, leave a long tail to thread through the front loops of last 6 to close hole firmly.

ARMS – make 2 – using t-shirt yarn and 8mm hook

  • 1). Sc6 in Mr [6]
  • 2). (sc, inc)3, slst to 1st [9]
  • 3). Work BLO for this round
    In same st sc, sc8, do not work slst, now continue in a spiral [9]
  • 4 – 6). Sc9 [3 rounds of 9]
    Slst to 1st fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing to body.
    Position each side of body and sew on tightly.

TEETH – using DK yarn and 4mm hook

Open head and work in the underside of the chs from r7. Join yarn in first ch work (sc, dc, tc, dc, sc) in same ch and each ch across [26 chains total] slst into same ch as last tooth, fasten off and weave in ends.


In coloured felt cut circles of your required size and colour, use fabric glue to stick to the monster. If you would prefer you could also crochet circles and sew them onto your monster, as shown with the eye of the purple monster in above pictures. Feel free to get creative with eyes and spots in both shape and colour.

I’d love to see your creations, share with me on Instagram using #amethystormcrochet and tag me @amethystormcrochet

I hope you’re enjoying my crochet journey, if you’d like to help support me to continue providing content and new patterns which take much time, effort and love please support me by buying me a coffee. Your support means so much ?

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